The Siren Song of Sales Success

Why Selling Fundamentals Never Go out of Style

In the rocky sea of sales, the temptation is to get a little lazy when your sales pipeline is full and things are going well. WARNING, STAY ON COURSE. This is exactly when many, otherwise great sales teams, can falter and run aground. They start to believe (falsely)…that because they are hitting their numbers, they no longer need to stay anchored in the fundamentals that got them there. In this program, Richard J. Bryan will share personal and professional lessons (many of them hard-won,) which have helped him stay afloat over a 24 year sales career.

Richard J. Bryan started his career as a green, over-confident salesman on a car dealership floor and went on to take the helm of a 4th Generation, $120 million dollar automotive dealership in the UK. His sales career includes expertise in Automotive Sales, Commercial Real Estate and Residential Development Sales. He has been on both sides of the sales desk and is excited to share his BIG THREE Lessons on selling.

Key Takeaways

  • Sell your way to greater success using Richard's 3 non-negotiable fundamentals of sales
  • Avoid the 3 biggest mistakes being made right now by most every sales person out there
  • Invest in Relationship Selling vs. taking the "easy" road of Transactional Sales
What I enjoyed most about Richard’s keynote that he gave at our company meeting were the entertaining stories! It is much easier to remember the business point being made when it is backed up by a relevant and funny story.
— Pete Asherl, Owner, Ascherl Ceramics
Richard facilitated a meeting at our company to help us focus on winning business with good margins rather than just increasing sales for the sake of it. It was particularly useful to have someone with Richard’s business experience come in and change our perspective so that we can work smarter and not just harder in the future.
— Jarrett Schwien, Financial Controller, YEH & Associates