Pre-Event Promotional Materials

Short Bio for Event Materials

At age 28, Richard took the reins of his family’s car dealership group when his father was forced to retire due to illness. This was a 100 year old family business and he was the 4th generation of his family to be CEO.  The business was losing $3.5 million a year but with help from his mentor, Frank, the business was able to survive then prosper significantly in a highly competitive industry.  Today, he shares with business owners and leaders how they can achieve success in their own organizations.  Richard lives in Evergreen, Colorado with his wife and two teenage children. 

Speaker Photo

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  • Travel: Richard’s Assistant will book all flights to and from the event, as Richard generally flies from one event to the next before returning home.  Richard’s prefers discussing a fair flat fee to cut down on administrative back-and-forth.
  • Hotel: Hotel reservations are generally organized by the client on a master account, preferably at the same hotel where the meeting is to be held (if applicable). Please guarantee the room for late arrival and have it billed to your master account. Richard requests up to two nights hotel to ease travel on domestic trips and three nights internationally. Please check with his business manager to confirm which night(s) he will be staying.
  • Ground TransportRichard loves having a driver meet him in baggage claim, but is also willing to utilize Uber or a taxi.
  • Pre-Event Conference Calla few weeks prior to the event we will want to discuss final logistics (handouts, A/V check, book sales, travel and lodging plans, etc.). Please be ready to provide the name and phone number of Richard’s A/V contact person as well as an A/V check time.
  • Recording & Streaming: We encourage professional audio/video taping of Richard’s work as well as webcast streaming. If you are planning on taping and have not yet discussed this with Richard, please contact us on 303-912-9112 immediately about licensing fees and requirements.
  • Handouts Pre-Distributed: Please have handouts copied and placed on each audience member’s seat or at their table before the presentation begins as Richard refers to them during the presentation.  Printable PDF Handouts.
  • Book-signing Table: If you are having Richard sign copies of his book, please have a book-signing table set up so that it is in the flow of audience members as they leave the event room. Please assign someone to make sure the books have been picked up from their delivery location (warehouse, front desk, and your offices). Your main contact person will receive a confirmation email when the books have arrived. Having a staff member on hand to help with collecting payments (if you have not pre-purchased copies) greatly speeds up the process.
  • Follow-up Educational Materials: Interested in extending your attendee’s education beyond the event? Ask us about Richard’s video series with leadership tips and interviews from CEO’s and leaders around the globe.  Also, find out more about Richard’s Leadership Retreats here.
  • Introduction: Please contact us for an introduction that can be read before Richard comes up on stage.


Audio Visual & Room Setup

  • An Empty Room during A/V Check: Because many of Richard’s slides and videos reveal the stories that he uses to engage the audience, there should be no attendees in the room during his A/V check. Event staff, emcees, A/V teams and client leadership are welcome to be there. The A/V check should be at least 60 minutes in advance of John going on stage or attendees entering the room. Please note that the initial set up of projector and screen must be done prior to Richard’s arrival, as his check will take an additional 60 minutes before audience members are present.
  • Seating Arrangements are Critical: If feasible, please seat audience members as close to the stage as possible so that Richard can interact with them easily. There is a great deal of energy lost in “Death Valley”, the gaping distance between the edge of the stage and the front row. A front row that is 10 feet away from the stage is twice as good as a front row 20 feet back from the platform.  Auditorium seating tends to work the best if it fits with your needs. 
  • Stage Setup & Lighting: For audiences over 100 people, a well-lit stage or riser will make viewing easier for audience members sitting in the back. Please provide as much natural light as possible in the room as Richard moves throughout the audience. The riser should NOT be placed in the corner of the room with the presentation screen in the middle. For optimal stage and seating design, please ask for our opinion. Richard will not use a lectern and it generally hinders interaction. If the lectern is being used by other presenters, putting it to one side is optimal. Richard prefers to have a small, sturdy table on stage to set notes, props, water, etc.
  • A Hand-held Microphone:  Richard uses a hand-held microphone to engage the audience.  Please no over the ear or wireless lapel microphones.
  • An LCD Projector: Richard needs an LCD projector to project slides. He prefers an HDMI connection to maximize screen resolution, but at a minimum, must have a VGA output to connect with his Apple VGA dongle, which he will provide.
  • Presenting from His Own Mac ComputerBecause of copyright restrictions, proprietary presentation software, customized fonts and high-res, multi-gigabyte videos, Richard must deliver his presentation from his own Mac computer, which is optimized for best performance. It is not feasible to send or transfer this information to client computers or a USB drive.
  • 16:9 Aspect RatioRichard’s presentation is NOT 4:3 (the old standard). His slides are designed for 1920X1080 resolution and look best when displayed on a screen optimized for 16X9 (you’re a/V contact will know exactly what this means). Letterboxing of the presentation is acceptable, if necessary.
  • Mini-Jack Audio hookup: Richard’s presentation does have embedded videos and music, so please include a mini-jack sound hookup that connects to the main sound system as part of your A/V requirements with the conference center. This should be in addition or as backup to HDMI sound, which isn’t always reliable.

Please contact us on 303-912-9112 for any further A/V discussion.  Otherwise, Richard’s Assistant will contact you to schedule a logistics call a few weeks prior to the event. Thank you.