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Implement Richard’s proven leadership strategies so that you can save time, grow revenue and significantly increase your bottom line.

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Richard works with business owners and leaders who are looking to build a team of A-Players or who are facing a leadership transition or business exit but do not have a plan. 

Some of his clients include auto, marine and agriculture dealers as well as real estate brokers, mortgage companies and banks.

Hire A-Players

Increase employee retention

Establish a succession plan that works


"One of the highlights of the conference."

- Michael McCarron
President & Owner, Lakeside Insurance


"If you’re looking for an incredible speaker, Richard’s your guy." 

- Dot Miller
CEO, The Solution


“His superb storytelling makes it easy to connect his points to real life.”

- Dave Will
EO Boston

A Few of Richard's Clients

Some of Richard's Best Selling Books