Secrets for Staying Sane in the Franchise Business

The wacky, wonderful world of franchising is not without its challenges. Mutual respect, impeccable communication and a willingness to work together are tantamount to sustaining a successful Franchise/Franchisee relationship.

Richard J. Bryan knows these challenges all too well. As the CEO of a multi-franchise, auto dealership group in the UK, for over 10 years, he has had to navigate the winding, bumpy roads of keeping manufacturers happy, while still keeping his dealership franchises profitable.

In this program, Richard will share some personal insights into building and sustaining mutually profitable franchise/franchisee relationships. He will share his BIG THREE Lessons from his experience and share some success ideas you can implement in your franchise.

Key Takeaways

• Identify the Key Things ONLY YOU Should be Doing as a Franchise Owner/Leader
• Learn how to Hire and Retain a Team o A-Players (Those 20% who deliver 80% of the results.)
• Maximize the Power of Peer Learning to Grow your Franchise Business
• Learn the Strategies for Optimizing the Franchise/Franchisee Partnership
• Understand the Importance of Creating a Continuity Plan for your Franchise

This program is ideal for anyone who owns a franchise or is in a senior leadership position.

Richard is a rock star! A Brit but still a rock star!
— J. T., President, Sill-Terhar Motors Inc.
Richard has an uncanny ability to cut through organizational problems and uncomplicate the complicated! Richard delivers in a way that cuts straight to the heart of the topic of discussion!
— Brady George, Operations Director, Almeda