Whose Turn is it to Tell Grandpa He Doesn’t Work Here Anymore?

Navigating a Family Business

Richard J. Bryan became the reluctant CEO of his family’s business at the age of 28, after his father became ill. He’d like to tell you that he stepped up to the CEO plate voluntarily, in order to save the family business, but in truth, his Mother made him do it. To add to the fun, his Father (a majority shareholder) refused to retire and was still coming into the office every day. Oh yeah, good times!

Richard will share 3 leadership lessons he learned navigating the dynamics of a high-profile, family enterprise from his book Handing over the Reigns; A Concise Guide to Succession Planning. This program will help you successfully plan for the healthy future of your family business. Because…until you’ve worked day in and day out with your family, you don’t know fun.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to Cultivate Effective Business Communication within a Family Dynamic
  • Remembering The Importance of Objectivity; 3 Main Strategies to remember when hiring outside advisors
  • Keys to Effective Succession Planning; How to ensure a seamless leadership transition from one generation to the next
The humor that was brought to the keynote was refreshing. I would not hesitate to recommend Richard as a speaker for your next event.
— Blair Koch, CEO, The Alternative Board – Denver West
Having attended a keynote speech that Richard gave recently I went away with his enthusiasm, humor and common sense advice ringing in my ears. It was a refreshing change to listen to someone remind you in an entertaining way, of the common sense good business practice that we all tend to forget during the hustle and bustle of every day work life. Thank you Richard – great job!
— Allistair Cole, Owner, Serious Knowledge