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At only 28 years of age, Richard J. Bryan took the reins of a 100 year old, $120 million, family owned, car and truck dealership in the UK after his father was forced to retire due to illness.  That alone was a challenge.  Worse, the business was losing $3.5 million a year and there was no leadership succession plan in place. 

After a difficult start to his career and lots of mistakes Richard hired a seasoned executive and business turnaround specialist named Frank. (He was a former Navy Seal with a fine arts degree - a pretty unusual mix!). With Frank's help Richard was able to clearly define his role as a leader, forge a team of trusted A-Players and learn the vital art of leadership succession planning. Ultimately, the business was able to survive and then thrive in a highly competitive industry with outstanding growth and profitability.  

Richard was CEO of the dealership group for 10 years before selling the business via a successful trade sale and embarking upon a new career. 

Today, Richard is an in demand keynote speaker, executive coach and author who shares with business owners and leaders the  leadership strategies that have proven to be the driving force behind his continued business success.  He is a professional member of the National Speakers Association (NSA) and a former Board Member of NSA Colorado. 

Richard is based in Evergreen, Colorado where he lives with his wife and teenage daughter (his son has already flown the nest and is at university in California!). He makes regular visits to his hometown of Bristol England where he owns a real estate business. 

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